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purewhite Pearl Cleansing Mousse More Details

Creamy cleansing mousse gently cleanses the skin leaving it feeling clean and nourished. The water-soluble formula gently and thoroughly removes all make-up, dirt particles and any of the skin’s own secretions. The skin is more receptive to the care treatments and absorb even better.


purewhite Pearl Refreshing Tonic More Details

Face tonic which clearly freshens the skin and contains valuable ingredients for lightening the appearance of hyper pigments. It revitalizes the skin to restore an optimum balance and feeling of well-being, and the follow­ing care products can be absorbed even better. Caution, avoid eye area!


purewhite Pearl Day Cream LSF 10 More Details

Featuring a highly-active protein complex, this protective day cream for the visual lightening of the skin also helps provide vital substances and moisture. Sun protection factor 10 protects the skin from sun-induced pigmentation. Selected ingredients help prevent melanin production and also give yo