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Sun Care Set - Summer is near! More Details

Appealing Sun Care Set consisting of: Ref. 5101+ Ref. 5102 IN Attractive canvas/pvc bag with zipper

Ref. 5101
Sun Cream SPF 30
Ultra-light formula contains  advanced UVA and UVB photostable filters, vitamins and herbal extracts  to protect skin against sun dama


Bi-Phasic Tanning Lotion SPF 10 More Details

A two-phase, effective active tanning lotion for the face and body. The sheer, non-sticky texture of this spray is instantly absorbed and promotes a beautiful, even and long-lasting tan. It retains the skin’s suppleness and can also protect the hair against the drying effects of the sun.


Multi Protection Sun Cream SPF 30 More Details

Anti-Aging sunscreen lotion for face, neck and décolleté. This sunscreen lotion contains a range of highly protective and moisturising components such as panthenol, allantoin, urea and serine that combine into a soothing and light-textured lotion with an aromatic and fresh scent. It furthermore cont


Multi Protection Sun Cream SPF 50 More Details

The ultimate in sun protection designed for highly sensitive skin and to prevent hyperpigmentation. Despite its high protective factor, this light-textured sunscreen lotion is ideal for use on the face, neck and décolleté. The silky consistency of this lotion ensures that is absorbed quickly even af