Eye Brow + Eye Liner Compact

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We present you a well-known product in new shades and a greatly improved texture! Now you can draw your eyebrows with a perfectly natural look.

Pigments are assembled to fit beautifully in the colour of your hair.

If you are more blonde, then choose shade 03 (natural-blonde), if you are darker, use shade 04 (natural-brunette).

Use: The darker part of the product is ideal for places where eyebrows dont even grow. With a brighter part, you shade the beginning of the eyebrows and the area where the eyebrows grow, but you still want to thicken them.

For the most natural appearance, draw short, fine stripes with a brush, as if drawing hairs. To achieve the perfect color, you can mix the two shades at any time.

Also suitable for sensitive eyes and for users of contact lenses.

The product comes with a brush.


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